Electric Vertical Aircraft

About EVA

Electric Vertical Aircraft (EVA) are aircraft that use electric power to hover, take off, and land vertically. EVA can be powered by battery or hybrid electric powertrain and are suited for civil, military, and unmanned use. EVA prototypes are flying today, with certification expected in the near future.

EVA offer safer, quieter, and greener alternatives to conventional fuel-powered aircraft, reducing prices of flights to the general public and facilitating the introduction of new markets and the strengthening of established ones. EVA will minimize or eliminate aviation’s environmental impact, connect new places, reduce road congestion, save time, and accelerate the electrification of long-distance flight. Notably, EVA will use current infrastructure, enabling local governments and the public to understand the benefits first-hand so productive work can begin on developing more convenient EVA-only landing zones. EVA require lower maintenance and operational costs, allowing for affordable, reliable, short-distance flight to be accessible to more people.

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